26 Feb 2021 | India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
Digital asset life cycle management

Digital asset life cycle management

D S Nanaware

Conference Chairman, FDTEC 2021
Executive Director, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Dear Colleagues,

This year as we all know global pandemic brought the Energy Demands and supply to a very volatile zone and it put a question if the oil business is sustainable?

Today, while crude oil prices are falling due to oversupply, and rapid decline in demand — both domestically and internationally. This plummeting demand comes in the wake of the response to the pandemic, which has shuttered large parts of the economy, including a slowdown in all kinds of business and personal travel, not only travel but also commuting by car.

As downstream businesses look for ways to respond to these challenges, how can you reduce the negative effects of the current pandemic impacts. Depending on a company’s position across the value chain, downstream companies will need to address one specific area:

To take care of people, assets and inventories with the help of technologies.

I invite all of you to join hands together to overcome this situation and get back to work. As a Chairman, I feel immense pleasure to invite you for the first edition of FDTEC (Future of Downstream Technology Conference) being organized by SHESPro (Society of Health, Environment, Safety and Sustainability Professionals) with a theme:

Digital Asset Life Cycle Management.

The event will be focused on analysing the challenges and opportunities for refining, manufacturing and transportation. It will discuss in detail how new aspects of digital transformation like AI, IoT, Data Analytics, Blockchain, Cyber Security etc. are so helpful in optimizing asset life cycle management and performance.

At FDTEC, you will have the opportunity to meet downstream operators, downstream service companies, institutes, associations, petrochemical manufacturers, service providers, academics, and technology innovators. On behalf of SHESPro, I welcome you to an eye opening gathering of select.